SIG 10


The SIG 10 bracelet is the signature product of the Sigal Parisian brand. It’s a bracelet made from old vintage watch links, 100% recycled.
It is stretchy, and easily adapts to the size of everyone's wrist. Your bracelet will be adjusted according to the width selected below, i.e. thin, medium or wide wrist.


  • thin wrist = S = 5cm in inner diameter, which corresponds to a small wrist, measuring between 14cm and 15cm.
  • average wrist = M = 5.5cm internal diameter which corresponds to a normal wrist between 15cm and 16cm.
  • wide wrist = L = 6cm in inner diameter which corresponds to a wider wrist between 16cm and 17cm.
  • The height of the bracelet links measures 10 millimeters
  • Each bracelet is unique and different. They are made in the same way, namely a mixture of gold, silver and two-color links.

Manufacturing details :

The iconic SIG 10 bracelets are made 100% upcycled.
We hunt around the world for old stocks of vintage stretch watch straps, carefully selected and sorted.
Each bracelet recovered is completely broken down by hand, then reassembled with different juxtaposed links, which creates a very original and unique design.
The bracelet links are assembled one by one in our French workshops, which makes each bracelet different and exclusive.